Choosing a pump

Choosing a pump

Choosing a pump

Choosing a pump

Choosing a pump

Choosing a pump


When you’re looking for a penis pump, there’s a lot to consider. So, we’ve broken down the steps you should take and what you should be looking for when you’re researching:


Absolutely. Bathmate delivers real results across the board, helping users around the world make a very real improvement for power, confidence, stamina and more. In a recent study, Bathmate penis pumps picked up a fantastic 88% satisfaction rate* amongst those who’d used their pumps for over a month, while our million-plus sales simply wouldn’t exist if our product didn’t work. *Some survey participants may have received free or discounted products for their participation.


Measure your penis - If you’re not sure what size you need, you’ll need to measure your penis. We have a helpful guide on how to measure your penis to make sure you’re getting the right measurements.


Choose your model & power - Different penis pumps and different models deliver totally different levels of power. For real gains, you’re going to need a very powerful pump - that’s just a fact. Our HydroXtreme - the most powerful model, includes a hand-ball pump to maximize power and gains.


Choose your accessories - For additional gains and comfort, you may want to add some accessories for your penis pump. For Bathmate, a great accessory is the penis pump shower strap - this allows you to use Bathmate whilst keeping your hands free in the shower.


Check out how to use it - Different penis pumps will work in different ways, you can view our guide on how to use a Bathmate penis pump for a complete run-through before purchasing.


Purchase your penis pump!



Many penis pumps are never tested for safety, with many providing dangerous levels of pressure. Make sure you pick one that’s medically tested and certified safe to use. At Bathmate, our valves are designed to achieve maximum power, while maintaining safe levels of pressure.

Bathmate is the only medical-grade penis pump that promises guaranteed results. If you buy from us, you’re going to be satisfied, or you’re going to get your money back.


Obviously, you want to get the absolute most out of your investment when you’re dropping cash on anything, particularly when it’s something as intimate as a penis pump. You can read more about the results you can expect from Bathmate here - including 9/10 people reporting noticeably better erections!.


There’s a huge community of penis pump reviewers out there, who know exactly what results they’re getting - make sure you pay attention to the reviews, or you’ll risk losing out.

You should also check out product reviews to get an understanding of how a product performs - you can see Bathmate reviews here.


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